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The Center

Sailing boatThe Cetaceans Research Centre operates in the whole Mediterranean Sea and in particular in the Tyrrhenian part called Cetaceans Sanctuary. It carries out studies about wild dolphins and whales.
Main sea activities are the cetaceans and marine species study and protection, in collaboration with public and private bodies. Today the Centre is one of the most powerful and effective instrument for the cetaceans knowledge and protection in Italy about the sea real efficacy, data availability, boats of property, magazines and specific publishing.

The young and dynamic setting of the Centre and the relationships with private sponsors who support our projects every year for research activities at sea provide the 12 months of the year.

dolphins family
The Cetaceans Research Centre is  project founder:
C.E.B. (Cetaceans European Data Bank) It consists in fotoidentifying all the cetaceans and realizing an “identity card” of every single individual with detailed information about it, about the habitat in which it lives, the migratory phenomenon, its social habits and specific studies both about the behaviour and about the biology.
Argonautica dissemination project also aims to collect sighting reports provided by the public and from around the Mediterranean basin.

The Centre collaborates with several universities and board each year for undergraduate students work experience and scientific research.

schoolThe Centre activities spread to the prestigious Cetaceans Research Centre Publisher, it's the first and sole scientific publisher in Italy specifically dedicated to cetaceans; activity with newspapares and magazines; the documentaries realization and at last to initiatives carry out every year, in collaboration with private sponsors, directed to large public.
All the Centre activities have the priority and real objective to secure the protection of dolphins and whales that live in the Italian seas and in the Mediterranean . All the activities are oriented exclusively toward the free animals, with the aim of protecting them using non invasive studying methods. If you need some data about the real efficacy of the Cetaceans Research Centre, curiosities and fast information visit this page.

If you need some data about the real efficacy of the Cetaceans Research Centre, curiosities and fast information visit this page.




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