Opening registration Summer Course 2021

With the new year begins the planning of the campaign for the study of dolphins and whales that live around the Island of Elba up to the whole Northern Tyrrhenian Sea. During the period from May to October the sailing catamaran Ketos and the sailing monohull Mary G will be active 24 hours a day at sea, sharing the life on board that surrounds the search with guests.

The Cetacean Research Center does not draw on state funds; the activity is supported thanks to your participation, which is reciprocated with an unforgettable experience at sea.
The CRC boats are the only ones in Italy to study dolphins by living with them at sea every day for 24 hours and for months without ever going to port, thanks to the particular conformation of the Island of Elba and the proximity of other islands of the 'Tuscan Archipelago and Corsica, which guarantee safety for the night, as well as the possibility of sighting daily.

There is something for everyone, you can participate in daily, weekend or weekly experiences, for university students, for passionate tourists, for minors or for families. Look for our reviews on facebook, google or tripadvisor.

We are waiting for you!