The project

The project

Cetaceans Citizen Science

The Argonautica project is based on information provided by people in any sea of ​​Italy. The informations collected and processed allows the Centro Ricerca Cetacei to compare the data collected with the scientific ones to obtain a first sensation of the cetaceans distribution, as well as to evaluate the degree of awareness in the various areas.

The data provided is not collected with a specific systematicity and operational protocol, however what is now called citizen science is an extremely powerful tool to complement scientific data. For this reason, the numerous reports received are highly regarded by researchers. Anyone can participate!

Report Sighting

Map of your sightings

In the pages of this site you will find everything you need to Recognize Species.

In the meantime, it is essential that everyone knows how to behave in case of sighting of cetaceans.

  1. Minimum distance of 30m with reduced speed approach.
  2. Route constant and parallel to the animals, turn off the engine if they are stationary.

  3. Interactions between humans and cetaceans must be limited, the animals will seek contact with you if they wish.

  4. The observation must take place in respect of the Cetaceans, free animals that must not feel trapped in any way by the observers.

  5. Entering the water would be absolutely useless because the distrust of these animals. In addition, it could even be dangerous if carried out with excessive disturbance, with noisy dives or in the presence of mothers with puppies.