The experience of a week takes form of a real educational holiday, during which you immerse yourself in the life of the sea as guests of our catamaran, with the typical times of research on Cetaceans, in a succession of navigations, sightings , lessons, archiving of acquired data, snorkeling in dream coves, sunsets and stars.

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The principal point of the experience is the Elba island.
The purpose of each week is to monitor the largest possible slice of sea that includes the Tuscan Archipelago and Corsica.


The port of embarkation and disembarkation is on the Elba island: the exact place will be defined based on the weather conditions and communicated by contacting the staff of the Centro Ricerca Cetacei 24 hours before boarding.
The entire course takes place on board the Ketos sailing catamaran always at sea.
The navigation will be daily and the nights will be spent in the harbor, at anchor.


From 4pm on every Sunday to 12pm on the following Saturday.

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