The Center and the schools

The Center and the schools

educational project usable by all Italian schools

To participate in the educational project of the Centro Ricerca Cetacei together with your students, or your professors, or to organize your personalized activity write us an e-mail now.
Since the future is in the hands of the new generations, we believe it is important to raise awareness especially of children and young people, in order to make them more conscientious adults and able to preserve the sea, a very important resource as well as a heritage of inestimable value.

The Earth is over 70% covered by water and this immense three-dimensional habitat is still unknown. Despite the evident effort of the school, we believe that children and young people remain strongly culturally influenced by what has a greater impact and a greater media presence. This is why most of the notions on the phenomena and species that populate the Seas are of an oceanic nature, thus leaving gaps on important aspects of the Mediterranean, first of all the variety of cetaceans that live there.
The Centro Ricerca Cetacei offers teachers and students lessons that will involve children with fascinating topics and scientific contents, to accompany them in the most pleasant way possible in a "cultural immersion".
This is why we propose the basic educational initiative called "Dolphins hour".

"Dolphin Hour"

This project envisages the headquarters school, using a classroom or even a gymnasium as the theater of the lessons held by the same researchers of the Centro Ricerca Cetacei and calibrated according to the age of the public.
The meeting will last 2 hours, during which the students will follow a way that will lead them from the cetaceans origins to the modern work of study and protection.

Topics covered:

  1. Presentation of the Centro Ricerca Cetacei
  2. What is the sea and what is the Mediterranean
  3. Cetaceans origin
  4. The cetaceans of the Mediterranean sea
  5. How dolphins and whales live
  6. Anatomy and physiology: how to live in immersion
  7. Why we must protect marine mammals
  8. What to do in case of sighting

At the end of the meeting, the "Art and Sea" competition will be proposed, which provides for the artistic expression of each student in any creative form with a sea topic, for example: photos; themes; poems; paintings; sculptures; songs; etc. The works can be sent to us by e-mail or classic mail and will be exhibited on our social channels. The winner will be awarded a Centro Ricerca Cetacei t-shirt and the opportunity to participate in a day of activities on board of Ketos catamaran.