The degree theses

The immense amount of data acquired over the years on cetaceans and the habitat in which they live must be analyzed, concretized and shared with the scientific world. The degree theses and the researches carried out with the students participating in our courses are the first step towards this goal. Here are some of the theses carried out. To receive the pdf of the thesis contact us by email.

  1. Molinari, 2018 "Analysis of the distribution of cetacean species regularly present in the sea of the Tuscan Archipelago"
  2. Padovani, 2017 "Collection of body signals in Tursiops truncatus with analysis of the results of research at sea."
  3. Suzzi, 2016 "The Sant'Andrea’s dolphins: study of the bottlenose dolphins present in the sea in area north-west of the island and consequent proposals for conservation activities."
  4. Buonainsegni, 2015 "Markers for the identification of cetaceans and the photo identification technique: developments in cetological research over time"
  5. Cara, 2014 "Effects of electromagnetic cables on marine fauna with particular regard to Bottlenose dolphins and their prey species."
  6. Tore, 2013 "Analysis of the opportunistic feeding of Tursiops truncatus on trawling"
  7. Catanzaro, 2013 "The mother-puppy relationship in Tursiops truncatus."
  8. Visentin, 2012 "Socio-ecological analysis of the sub-adults of Tursiops truncatus belonging to the sedentary population of the Elba Island."
  9. Oberosler, 2012 "Criterion for determining sex in Tursiops truncatus: example of the sedentary population of the Elba Island "
  10. Righetti, 2012 "Distribution and analysis of the sedentary population of Tursiops truncatus in the Elba Island area in relation of feeding behavior."
  11. Firmo, 2012 "Reproduction and mother-puppy relationship in Tursiops truncatus."
  12. Zanchetta, 2011 "Study of the distribution of Tursipos truncatus Elba in relation to anthropic activities."

S.Frau, 2011 "Methods of study and analysis of the data of the sedentary population of Tursiops truncatus (Montagu, 1821) on the Elba Island."

  1. Colalto, 2011 "Biosonar and echolocation in Tusiops truncatus."
  2. De Lorenzi, 2010 "Physiological, anatomical and behavioral adaptations of the order of the Cetacea for deep diving."
  3. Tercon, 2009 "Study of the Tursiops truncatus population of the Elba area in the time 2005-2009 and proposals for the implementation of a data management program."

C.Veneruso, 2009 "The low frequency signals used by the Bottlenose Dolphin in the mother-puppy relationship: comparison between individuals in a controlled environment and in nature."

  1. Zora, 2007 "Cetacean beaching in the last decade along the Italian coasts: the example of the Tuscan Archipelago."