Live the sea with dolphins

This project is very close to our heart, it comes from our passion for cetaceans and our love for the sea. Just give weight to every word of its title to understand its purpose:

We would like everyone to be able to live the sea as much as possible, protecting it from the alteration of its ecosystem that will make it inaccessible.
We would like everyone to be able to live a sea in which dolphins still live, because they are the first indicator of the health of the system.
We would like everyone to be able and want to enjoy Life at Sea Together with the Dolphins, because meeting them bring joy.

How do we do this?

It is possibile through conscious contact with the lifestyle we propose, thanks to our experiences.
It is possible through constant education in respect for the freedom of these animals, which we disclose by showing the negativity of dolphinaria and teaching not to take everything from Nature as if it were a right.

With the experience accumulated over the years we are able to teach people how to understand when we are "accepted" by dolphins, when and how it is possible to enter the water with the mentality that they are swimming with us and not us with them, managing to be approached a few meters by Free dolphins in the Mediterranean, which is very rare because the distrust that centuries of mistreatment have instilled.