The Center

The Center

Centro Ricerca Cetacei was founded in 2003 from an idea by Micaela Bacchetta:

"Create a private research institution, not an association conditioned by state funds or political moods, to devote one's life totally to the knowledge of cetaceans and to sensitizing people to respect them, in a transparent and free way".

After an analysis of the less monitored areas of the Cetacean Sanctuary, the activity is concentrated throughout the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, where the company found an exceptional starting point on the Elba island.

The principal objective is the safeguarding of Mediterranean cetaceans with scientific research projects carried out with strictly non-invasive methods, mainly using eco-compatible sailing boats.

The technique is simple: researchers explore and evaluate an area by living at least 5 months a year at sea; they develop targeted and effective projects to study the traces of local cetaceans and guarantee adequate conservation programs. Researchers are often joined by young people who carry out degree theses or training internships by actively participating in the research activity. All this is supported by private sponsors, by theoretical and practical courses at sea for students and tourists, as well as by the dolphin adoption campaign.

Registration Ministry of Education, University and Research, National Research Registry n ° 57825XXT.

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