Cetaceans Database Online

The data management program called D.O.C. was born in 2011 (Cetaceans Online Database), in honor of all future doctors who participate in the Centro Ricerca Cetacei activity. The database is online to allow researchers by any means with connection and anywhere in the world to maximize the data collected during monitoring, paving the way for new revolutionary theories on dolphin behavior and sharing them.
The D.O.C., in addition to being a container that collects all information relating to monitoring, sightings and photo-identified individuals, it is a powerful means of direct data analysis, thanks to internal software to speed up matching during photo-identification and production of instant search queries.
We remember you that today the Mediterranean cetacean population is unknown and basic informations for their conservation is lacking. According to the world Red List drawn up by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), various species of cetaceans are considered at risk as data deficient species, there isn’t enough information to establish the risk of extinction and consequently which programs protection carry out. We are working hard for it.