Bottlenose dolphin

Tursiops truncatus - Bottlenose dolphin

The Bottlenose Dolphin is the best known species of dolphin due to its great ability to adapt and therefore to survive in captivity, which makes it often the protagonist of many films and stars of many shows, as well as the most studied dolphin.
It is the first species encountered when going out to sea in the Mediterranean, because its favorite habitat is the shallow and fish-rich waters near the coasts. Here the Bottlenose Dolphin, rarely going beyond 100 meters deep, also has at its disposal fish concentrated by man during fishing activities, carrying out real raids against the fishermen.
Is a dolphin characterized by an elaborate social structure, a great learning ability and a high sense of altruism. The males meet the females only in the mating season, between May and August, when the small males groups  meet the larger groups of the females, rich in young individuals, forming spectacular flocks of dozens of Bottlenose dolphins.

They are also very competitive with each other, so their dorsal fin is very rich in signs that make them the most photo-identifiable and recognizable cetaceans.

FEATURESTursiops truncatus

Color - Gray

Adult length - 3.5 m

Adult weight - 300 kg

Birth weight - 15 kg

Diet - Mollusks, Pisces

Group - 1 - 30 individuals

Status - Common




Excessive fishing


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