Risso's dolphin

Grampus griseus - Risso's dolphin

The Grampo is a very particular dolphin due to the color, the appearance of the head and the lack of rostrum. In fact, the head appears rounded, with a longitudinal hollow that joins the apex of the muzzle to the blowhole, hence the name "ram dolphin", which was assigned to the first specimens observed. The representatives of this species are recognized in the sea rather easily thanks to their lived and fought appearance. Individuals have a light gray color at birth, with a slightly darker back. Over the years, the body becomes covered with extensive white scars from fighting with other adults. Older Grampi often appear almost completely white due to the abundant presence of scratches and lesions. The character of these animals is sociable and the game is very frequent. Spyhopping (emergence of the head vertically to observe), tailslapping (slapping the water with the tail), and porpoising (repeated dives forward) are often observed. The Grampo still today, in some countries such as Japan, is caught for food purposes. In the Mediterranean, the greatest risks are caused by accidental capture in fishing nets, where it dies of suffocation.


Coloration - Gray, with many white scratches

Adult length - 3.5 m

Adult weight - 450 kg

Birth weight - 10 kg

Diet - Mollusks, Pisces

Group - 3 - 30 individuals

Status - Danger




Excessive fishing


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