Sperm whale

Physeter macrocephalus - Sperm whale

The Sperm Whale is by far the largest odontocetus, the most evolved cetacean in apnea, as well as the largest existing predator. Its body measures up to 18 meters and at birth the baby is already 4 meters long. The head of this odontoceto is large and flattened. The head reaches a third of the length of the body and has teeth only on the lower jaw. Inside there is the "spermaceti", between the forehead and the blowhole that resides to the left of the extreme tip of the muzzle. This is a particular organ composed of an oil which, in order to save energy in the emergence and immersion phases, is respectively heated or cooled with blood control, to lighten or ballast the head.
The Sperm Whale is the absolute holder of the diving record: 3000 meters deep while remaining underwater for over 3 hours. For this reason it can only be seen at depths over 600 meters.
Its diet consists of all kinds of fish, including sharks, but the favorite prey is giant squid. The fights between these animals that leave marks on the body of sperm whales are epic. In the sea, this odontoceto is easily recognizable by fin whales for its characteristic low breath, dense and angled to the left, and for the tailing typical of every dive.


Coloring - Gray

Length - adult 18 m

Adult weight - 30000 kg

Birth weight - 1000 kg

Diet - Squid, Fish

Group - 1 - 8 individuals

Status - Common




Acoustic disturbance



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