Rough-toothed dolphin

Rough-toothed dolphin-Steno bredanensis

This very rare dolphin is also nicknamed "snake dolphin".
The head devoid of the depression that separates the muzzle from the forehead appears very pointed and thin, and the decidedly large eyes make it similar to a reptile. The particular and not very reassuring appearance make it a species that is not much loved by the public. Furthermore, the shy nature and the rarity of the sightings do not help the researchers to discover the many mysteries that still surround this strange animal. Its apneas last for over 15 minutes and for this reason it is very difficult to follow in the open sea. The few observations made, however, suggest the existence of large groups, composed of individuals of both sexes. In addition, the sightings testify to a great skill in swimming, and high acrobatic skills.


Coloring - Gray

Adult length - 2.5 m

Adult weight - 140 kg

Birth weight - 10 kg

Diet - Mollusks, Pisces

Group - 10 - 15 individuals

Status - Unknown




Excessive fishing


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